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Citizen science for seagrass in the South West: the Community Seagrass Initiative 
Year: 2017 
Call No: 582.26 
Coastal management: Start Bay South Devon 
Year: 1993 
Call No: 551.452(STA) 
Coastal management. A study pack of newspaper cuttings and other information 
Call No: 551.45 
Coasts and coastal management 
Year: 2004 
Call No: 551.45 
Devon Living Coasts 
Year: 2004 
Call No: 551.45 
Effect of sea level rise and the role of coastal management at Slapton Ley South Devon 
Year: 2005 
Call No: 551.461 
Managing the coast in a changing climate. The Executive Summary 
Year: 2008 
Call No: 551.583 
Nature conservation for future sustainable shorelines: lessons from seeking to involve the public 
Year: 2008 
Call No: 627.52 
Sea-level rise 
Year: 2015 
Call No: 551.461 
Slapton coastal zone management. Main study. Volume 1: Phase 1 Report (1) Appendices A-D. August 2006 
Year: 2006 
Call No: 551.452(SLA)