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Brown rats 
Year: 1962 
Call No: 599.323 
Devon birds. Devon Bird Report 2008 
Year: 2009 
Call No: 598.2 
Field guide to the insects of Britain and Northern Europe 
Year: 1973 
Call No: 595.7 
British prosobranch and other operculate gastropod molluscs 
Year: 1971 
Call No: 594.32 
Slapton Ley National Nature Reserve. Third management Plan (1998-2003) 
Year: 1998 
Call No: 502.45(SLA) 
Dartmoor: building in the National Park 
Year: 1955 
Call No: 502.4(DAR) 
Teaching biology outside the classroom: is it heading for extinction? 
Year: 2002 
Call No: 502.05 
Modelling storm response on gravel beaches using XBeach-G 
Year: 2014 
Call No: 551.452 
Early Devon maps: maps of lands and estates before 1700 
Year: 2000 
Call No: 912 
Pedunculate oak woodland in a severe environment: Black Tor Copse Dartmoor 
Year: 1978 
Call No: 630