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Anatomy of the monocotyledons Volume V Cyperaceae 
Year: 1971 
Call No: 582.52 
Earth surface sediment transport 
Year: 1977 
Call No: 553.1 
Environmental change 
Year: 1977 
Call No: 551 
Families of flowering plants Volume 1 Dicotyledons arranged according to a new system based on their probable phylogeny. 2nd ed. 
Year: 1959 
Call No: 580.4 
Grassland ecology 
Year: 1971 
Call No: 574.6 
Nitrate losses in soil drainage waters in relation to water flow rate on a deciduous woodland site. 
Year: 1981 
Call No: 556.522 
Population studies of birds 
Year: 1966 
Call No: 598.25 
Soil and vegetation systems 
Year: 1977 
Call No: 631.4 
Study of instinct 
Year: 1951 
Call No: 591.512 
Study of soil in the field 4th ed 
Year: 1957 
Call No: 631.4