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Effects of low pH and humus on the survivorship growth and feeding of Gammarus pulex (L.) (Amphipoda) 
Year: 1988 
Call No: 595.371 
Experimental investigations of diel vertical movements by lotic mayflies over substrate surfaces 
Year: 1989 
Call No: 595.734 
Nocturnal dift of mayfly nymphs as a post-contact antipredator mechanism 
Year: 2000 
Call No: 595.734 
Manual on methods for measuring primary production in aquatic environments including a chapter on bacteria. 
Year: 1969 
Call No: 556.11 
Ecological animal parasitology 
Year: 1975 
Call No: 576.8 
Introduction to behavioural ecology 
Year: 1981 
Call No: 591.5 
Methods for chemical analysis of fresh waters 
Year: 1969 
Call No: 556.11 
Laboratory study of predator-prey interactions of stoneflies and mayflies 
Year: 1987 
Call No: 595.734 
Population dynamics and feeding of mayfly larvae in some acid and alkaline New Zealand streams 
Year: 1990 
Call No: 595.734 
Wildlife ecology and management 
Year: 1994 
Call No: 502.5