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Sediment analysis: various papers. Information on grain size pebble roundness classification bedload analysis 
Call No: 553.1 
Slapton Catchment: various precipitation measurements and analyses 
Call No: 551.57 
Slapton Ley Catchment storm hydrograph data 1982-1987 
Call No: 551.57 
Report of carbon footprint calculation in Slapton Ley Field Centre 
Year: 2007 
Call No: 502.4(SLA) 
Slapton Wood stream nitrate data 1971-1994 
Call No: 556.522 
Soil erosion. A study pack of newspaper cuttings and other information 
Call No: 631.45 
Soil structures: various papers and worksheets 
Call No: 631.43 
Soils: description of types structure properties 
Call No: 631.43 
Management Plan for Slapton Ley Nature Reserve 1988 
Year: 1988 
Call No: 502.45(SLA) 
Stokeley Barton storm hydrograph data 1971-1983 
Call No: 551.57