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Ecological aspects of New Forest Streams draining one of Britain's unique areas. 
Call No: 556.53 
Education access initiative 
Call No: 502.2 
Environmental education at Higher Farm 2nd ed 
Call No: 631.1 
Environmental quality of a small urban water course: the Bourne Strream (Dorset) assessed with macroinvertebrate data 
Call No: 556.52 
Estuarine processes Volume I Uses stresses and adaptation to the estuary 
Year: 1 
Call No: 556.54 
Estuary development schemes: Dartmouth Port Kingsbridge Barrage and West Charleton Marina. A study pack of newspaper cuttings 
Call No: 556.54 
Estuary edges: ecological design guidance 
Call No: 556.54 
Evidence for past and present erosion in the Slapton catchment South West Devon 
Call No: 553.1 
Exercises Tiger and Fabius: an illustrated account of the American assault exercises held at Slapton Sands in 1944 as a rehearsal for part of the D-Day landings in France. 
Call No: 423.5(SLA) 
Exploring the seashore 
Call No: 593